Resource List for Australian Native & Rainforest Tree Identification Images and Descriptions

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Resources: for Australian Native Tree & Shrub Identification Web Pages

Web sites:

Acacia, Wattle Identification:

Atlas of Living Australia, [Online],

Australian National Botanic Gardens, Australian Plant Image Index, [Online].

Australia Native Plant Society [Online]

Australian Tropical Rainforest Plants Identification Database, [Online],

Electronic Flora of South Australia

Eucalypts of Australia [Online]

Flora of Australia Online
Flora of Australia Online Books, Published by ABRS, Canberra/CSIRO, Melbourne

Nan & Hugh Nickelson, Rainforest Photos, [Online],

National Herbarium of Victoria

Northern Territory Herbarium

Queensland Government Wetland Info

Queensland Herbarium

Royal Botanic Gardens, (1999 - ), National Herbarium of New South Wales, [Online].

Tasmanian Herbarium

The Gymnosperm Database


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Rainforests of Australia's East Coast Cover

NEW RELEASE: Rainforests of Australia's East Coast, HAND SIGNED BOOKS; (In Stock) A practical and informative field guide to the identification of native rainforest species. More than 800 colour photographs, informative graphics, maps and detailed description of more than 300 species. This book is a valuable information source for bushwalkers, students, gardeners and anyone with an interest in Australia’s native flora.
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Rainforests: Identification - Evolution - Reproduction
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Green Guide Trees of Australia Cover

Green Guide to Trees of Australia

How to recognise Australian tree families and genera.
A practical field guide to the identification of native species. More than 200 full colour photographs and detailed descriptions explaining leaf, bark, flower, fruit and other tree characteristics.
The book was written and illustrated by the author of the tree identification web pages.
New Holland Publishers: January 2016
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