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Basic Search Engine Optimization Tutorial Download

The tutorial explains how to use the HTML title tag, Meta tag description and keywords to improve rankings in search engines thereby generating more traffic to your website or web page by appearing in search engine results. Other topics include; other useful Meta tags; inserting Meta tags into your own web page document; comparing Meta description and keywords of other web sites. Duration of this tutorial is approximately 30 to 40 minutes. Easy to follow instructions with full color screen shots. If you are a newcomer to HTML tags view our basic html tutorials. Search Engine Optimization for Beginners. Find a choice of PDF or MS Word documents formats to download below.

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Topics covered by this SEO tutorial

Explanation of Meta Tags

Step 1: Title Tag
The title text has the strongest weighting in search engine results and the weighting is applied from left to right.

Step 2: Meta Tag Keywords
Use up to 30 words describing the content of your web page. Do not repeat any term more than five times (More could lead to black banning of your web page by Search Engines like Google or Yahoo).

Step 3: Meta Tag Description
Use up to 60 words in a description of your business; weighting is applied from left to right. This description should be repeated in the body text of your web page.

Step 4: Other Useful Meta Tags

Step 5: Inserting Meta tags into your index.html document
Type meta tags into the head section i.e. in between opening and closing head tags, exactly as shown below and insert your own text between inverted comas only, where you can use spaces and capital letters.

Comparing Meta description and keywords of other websites

SEO - Search Engine Optimization for Beginners
What is Search Engine Optimization?
Using various techniques to improve a web site's ranking in the search engines and thereby attract more visitors.
Search engine robots/ spiders like Gogglebot are crawling the net (Indexing) will use Meta tags to find web pages with relevant content on the internet and display results of user search queries.
This tutuorial explains how to create and use different meta tags to improve your search engine rankings, so your web page will be found on the world wide web. Step by step instructions with full color screen shots.

Duration of this tutorial is approximately 30 - 40 minutes

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SEO Tutorial Basic for Beginners PDF

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