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FTP Tutorial using FireFTP, PDF Download Page

FireFTP is simple and easy to use FTP client software, which works as an add-on to the very popular and trusted Mozilla Firefox web browser. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, a standard method to transfer files between computers on a network or the internet. This protocol is used when you upload to or download files from your web server.

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File Transfer Protocol using FireFTP

Topics covered by this FTP Tutorial

Step 1: Open FireFTP

Step 2: Create an Account

Step 3: Navigate to your web site files stored on your computer

Step 4: Connecting to your web server account

Step 5: Upload your files

Step 6: Overwriting updated files and downloading

Step 7: Updates, Options, Disable and Remove FireFTP

FTP Tutorial Download

To use the FireFTP add-on you need the Mozilla Firefox Web Browser installed on your computer. Step by step instructions to upload files to your web site using FireFTP. An in-depth tutorial for beginners employing full colour screen shots and a comprehensive language.

Download instructions in Adobe Reader .pdf format 480 KB

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FTP Tutorial Free PDF Download

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